Board Members

  • Mario Proulx

    Mario Proulx

    - President, Sales Manager

    Cofounder of Optimum Graphiques, this dynamic entrepreneur bets on teamwork to increase every project’s performance. He establishes long lasting relationships with his clients by actively listening to their needs and proposing them creative and efficient solutions.

  • Richard Spellman

    Richard Spellman

    - Vice-President, Operation Manager

    Cofounder of Optimum Graphiques, he has over 35 years of experience in the display industry. His sound knowledge, analysis capacity, creativity, and integrity ensure that his clients benefit from innovating and optimal display solutions.

  • Geneviève Prévost

    Geneviève Prévost

    - General Director

    With numerous accomplishments in the business management industry, she counts on her rallying leadership to offer the best customer experience to her clients regarding their large format printing projects. She furthermore establishes relationships of trust with her employees, her clients, and her partners.

  • Véronique Leblanc

    Véronique Leblanc

    - Art Director

    Cumulating 15 years of experience in the graphic design industry, she works using her creativity, efficiency, and accuracy. Her altruism ensures that she can guide and supervise an experienced team. She can also advise her clients, suggesting original ideas that satisfy their needs.

  • Marie-Eve Gagnon

    Marie-Eve Gagnon

    - Production Director

    An Optimum Graphiques member since 2011, she has succeeded in distinguishing herself. Passionate and detail-oriented, she is the technical leader of the production team and ensures that clients benefit from quality displays delivered on time..